Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Launch Looming (pun alert)

We're getting terribly excited in the lead up to the Launch this Saturday. The studio will be buzzing!
There'll be free spinning lessons on all of our wheels and also on the drop spindle. You can also check out some of the spinning that's been happening in the studio over the last couple of weeks. We've got some beautiful local wool spun up and ply-ed so if you fancy trying your hand at knitting with local wool you're more than welcome. We were also lucky enough to try out spinning with some local alpaca fleece and it's just beautiful; so soft and delicate. There's even some soya spun up and waiting to be ply-ed with some charcoal bamboo tops. Yummy.

There'll be some stitching on the couch with the Yarn Spinners Knitting Circle so bring your projects and get settled in with a cuppa and your needles or come along for a lesson in picking up your first stitch on knitting needles or even a crochet hook. We're happy to take beginners and get them hooked (pun intended, sorry).

Hope to see you all there!

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